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EMT Review Plus app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3232 ratings )
Education Medical
Developer: Limmer Creative
11.99 USD
Current version: 2.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Nov 2010
App size: 17.3 Mb

Get the edge you need to pass the NREMT, with EMT Review Plus

And get that edge whenever and wherever you have a minute to study, whether you’re on a mobile device or sitting at your computer. Using this easy-to-navigate app, you’ll hone your knowledge of the following topics, critical to being fully prepared for your NREMT or state certification exams:

Medical Emergencies and OB
Trauma Emergencies
Special Populations

Unique to a number of the Limmer apps, including EMT Review Plus, is additional content and a structure that will teach you to better read and understand an exam question. We’ll teach you how to identify a question’s key parts and solve the puzzle within while increasing your knowledge of medical terminology and pathophysiology.

EMT Review Plus will improve your thinking skills

Critical Thinking: these questions expose you to concepts and content vital to thinking critically (by analyzing, assessing and reconstructing a situation) and understanding your patients, as well as the test questions!

Mental Conditioning: you’ll literally get a workout for your brain, with questions containing key fact patterns. It’s these fact patterns you need to learn to recognize for the exam.

EMT Review Plus will improve your technical skills

Medical Terminology: you can’t answer an exam question or talk to a patient unless you know the language. Here, you’ll speak and understand the language of medicine by reviewing common and important terms.

Pathophysiology: today’s EMTs need to know more pathophysiology than ever before. This section will help you better understand key pathophysiological principles and relate them to the exam.

You’ll master key EMT concepts through repeated practice with flash cards, review questions and NREMT-style, timed practice exams. Plus, in the Review and Testing sections, you’ll get the rationale behind the right answer, including information you need to be a better test taker and EMT.

Pros and cons of EMT Review Plus app for iPhone and iPad

EMT Review Plus app good for

This is the only reason I passed my nremt. I studied from only the book the first two times I took it, and surprise surprise I failed both times. The third time I studied I used this app every day for a month, and finally I Passed. I give all the credit to this app. I started with the study cards, once I had all the cards down for the section I would then take the quiz. Once I finished all the study cards and all the quizzes I moved on to the tests. This app really helps you prepare for how you should answer the questions on the nremt.
This app helped me so much. Every time I found my self mindlessly sitting on Facebook or snapchat... Id switch over and start taking tests.... This app helped me so much!!!!

Some bad moments

Just purchased the EMT Review Plus app for my iphone 4. Just playing around with it, and the app keeps crashing! I went into "select a topic" ...taking questions by topic vs. the whole test...and the app crashes pretty consistently. I have not yet been able to complete a test by topic. I would suggest you wait until they fix the problem before you pay $10 for this app.
Very good app and definitely worth the money. Has never crashed for me and is easy to use. Youll love it!
This app has everything I have been searching for in a EMT review app. It offers scenario based questions. Ranging from intro to special populations. Each question has 4 multiple choice answers, after selecting your answer it will tell you if it is correct or not. But what is key to this app is it tells you why you were right or wrong and give an explanation of all the answers, thus you are actually learning more with each question. I highly suggest this app.
Highly recommended! I failed my first attempt at the NREMT exams. Got this app, and passed with flying colors. If you miss questions on this app look up the category in your emergency care book. Had a few questions and actually got to email Dan limmer himself a couple times. Hes great, and without him Id be studying for my third attempt. No questions, hands down get this app.
Jus paased my final and app helped alot. Now gonna see how i do on the national registry
States price right now is 7.99. And was charged 9.99. Pretty upset with the false advertising. Other than that the product is pretty good.