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Let me give credit where credit is due.

This is the only reason I passed my nremt. I studied from only the book the first two times I took it, and surprise surprise I failed both times. The third time I studied I used this app every day for a month, and finally I Passed. I give all the credit to this app. I started with the study cards, once I had all the cards down for the section I would then take the quiz. Once I finished all the study cards and all the quizzes I moved on to the tests. This app really helps you prepare for how you should answer the questions on the nremt.

I passed

This app helped me so much. Every time I found my self mindlessly sitting on Facebook or snapchat... Id switch over and start taking tests.... This app helped me so much!!!!

app keeps crashing

Just purchased the EMT review plus app for my iphone 4. Just playing around with it, and the app keeps crashing! I went into "select a topic" ...taking questions by topic vs. the whole test...and the app crashes pretty consistently. I have not yet been able to complete a test by topic. I would suggest you wait until they fix the problem before you pay $10 for this app.

Awesome App

Very good app and definitely worth the money. Has never crashed for me and is easy to use. Youll love it!

Just what I was looking for!

This app has everything I have been searching for in a EMT review app. It offers scenario based questions. Ranging from intro to special populations. Each question has 4 multiple choice answers, after selecting your answer it will tell you if it is correct or not. But what is key to this app is it tells you why you were right or wrong and give an explanation of all the answers, thus you are actually learning more with each question. I highly suggest this app.

Couldnt have pass the NREMT exam without it

Highly recommended! I failed my first attempt at the NREMT exams. Got this app, and passed with flying colors. If you miss questions on this app look up the category in your emergency care book. Had a few questions and actually got to email Dan limmer himself a couple times. Hes great, and without him Id be studying for my third attempt. No questions, hands down get this app.

Great review

Jus paased my final and app helped alot. Now gonna see how i do on the national registry


States price right now is 7.99. And was charged 9.99. Pretty upset with the false advertising. Other than that the product is pretty good.

Very helpful app

Questions are good. Purchased a few days before my state exam for MA and I definitely feel it contributed to my passing. Price is a bit steep but questions are good. Would like to see more variety though. Highly recommend. Gives you full exams and results with explanations.

Four & a half stars

Why? Some of the answers I dont agree with. Ex. Coming up to an explosion, people injured & etc. What should you do first? A. Make sure the scene is safe. B. Establish command... I picked "A" and I was wrong. I thought safety was 1st, last, & always?!?! I would like to list more but it wouldnt probably fit.

Great app!! Thank u

I used this app & passed my NR exam the 1st time!! Well worth the money!!

Worth $10 bucks...

I passed both my final and NREMT exam and used this app for studying on my phone when Id typically play angry birds. Pro: It gave me more opportunities to study. Con: Some of the answers were incorrect (typos Im sure) and I feel like I got the same questions a lot, not as many as advertised...Still, worth $10

Best Study tool

This is by far the best and most convenient NREMT study tool. Being able study anytime any place from my iPhone made it possible to balance work, wife, and kid. The questions on the actual NREMT are different and more difficult but if you take the test on this app and read the logic behind the answers you should have no troubles. I passed first try three months cold after I graduated.

Good study tool for the NREMT

Used this as my primary study tool for the NREMT exam a couple of weeks out from my EMT-B class. Passed on the first try and felt comfortable with most of the questions. Practice exams with justifications for each answer were really helpful, as well as the "review" section. App seems a little overpriced, but its better than paying to retake the NREMT.

Helpful and convenient

It definately was helpful in studying for the NRT and it works on my iPad and iPhone for one price. I would not use this as my only study tool however. Worth the price.

Great app

If you use this app to its full potential, you will most def pass NREMT. Included with obvious reading etc. its got great questions, a few of them were even on my registry! Study and Understand the material


I used this app along with my EMT book to study for my NREMT test. Well the test computer shut off after 70 questions. This app was awesome for study use, two or three of the questions in the app are on the NREMT test, WORD for WORD!! This is an awesome app!! Thanks for helping me study and pass my NREMT Exam!!

Worth the $10

I used this app and passed the NREMT exam on the first try. The questions on the actual NREMT are going to be much more bizarre and with much more vague questions, but this app will at least reinforce or expand your knowledge well enough to pass the NREMT.


Its decent. The nremt test is pretty tough. Don use just this to study for it.


I passed the NREMT !! I believe that using the practice exams was one of the keys to my success. I highly recommend using it.

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